Saturday, 27 September 2014

Second Chances

I placed an order with Triple B Records a while ago. It was one of those times when I only really wanted one record, but then started to look around the store and couldn't help but add a few more bits and pieces. You know how it goes sometimes.

The record I wanted was the Stick Together 'No More Second Chances' 12". This record compiles both of the bands 7"s on to one handy 12" platter. Given that I have the two 7"s, I'm not exactly sure why I felt that I needed this 12", but that's just how this game works I guess. This is the 'Green/Red/White Spearmint Swirl' (out of 300) vinyl.

I also added the second press yellow vinyl version of the Clear 7".

... which made me realise that I also needed a blue copy, so I ventured to discogs to pick one up.

I also grabbed a blue vinyl copy of the Demolition 'World Gone Mad' 7". I picked this up because everyone seemed to be saying good things about it. I can see why. The band is from Canada, but if you had to guess you'd probably think New York.

Finally, the Power Trip 'The Armageddon Blues Sessions' 12". This is basically their 'Armageddon Blues' 7" from 2009 repressed as a 12" with two extra songs added that were recorded at the same time as the four songs that originally featured on the 7".

This is a single sided 12". The flipside is laser etched with the band's logo, which looks pretty cool if you ask me.

Triple B is probably the most consistent and reliable label there is right now. Their back catalogue is pretty solid, as is the current line up of future releases. Anyone think differently?


Willem RWHAF said...

I think differently, although you probably do know what I think.

mcs said...

Hmmmm, Willem, that's a tough one. Would it be Reaper by any chance? :o)