Sunday, 7 September 2014

I Am Live

Nothing is more irritating than missing out on a limited version of a new release. Once these things sell out, the only places to get them is on discogs or eBay for several times what you could have paid if you hadn't been so damn slow off the mark. And such is life. One such record I missed out on recently was the yellow vinyl copy of the new Give 7", a live record entitled 'I Am Live'. I had to settle for the black vinyl, which to be honest I probably would have bought anyway even if I had have got to the store in time to bag a yellow.

Well, just when I thought that I had missed any cool versions of this record, good old Chris came to the rescue. Dude picked up one of the limited sleeve versions which was made for RSD this year. In the spirit of the previous Give 7"s, this one comes in a limited sleeve featuring one of the 'part time' members of the band - this time Dan Horres.

Numbered out of 50 on the inside of the cover.

A while later I found out that there is also another limited cover of this one, featuring Ashley Sykes. Damn. Between that one and the yellow vinyl, I think this one will be lingering on my want list for a while. Ah well, it ain't called 'The Endless Quest' for nothing...

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