Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Since the early 90s I have bought every Revelation release direct. Back when they used to press one colour version of each new release (which seems hard to believe now) it was easy to keep up. But back in the mid 00s they cranked out disproportionate numbers of Sinking Ships and Shook Ones records (7"s and LPs of each), to the point where it was almost impossible to get them all, especially when you add in all of the limited sleeve versions which aren't even documented on the label's discography. Even now, years later, I'm still trying to pick up versions that I missed when they first came out. Here's my latest - a 1st press green vinyl copy of the Sinking Ships LP 'Disconnecting':

In celebration of now owning six copies of this LP, I took my other five out for a photo:

They made so many versions of this one that I'm not even sure what else exists. I am pretty sure that there is a record release version, which was pressed on the same horrible 50/50 splatter vinyl as my European tour copy (bottom row, middle), and which comes in a white sleeve with gold lettering. Not sure if there are others though. If anyone knows for sure, please let me know.


Anonymous said...

You know about:


Willem RWHAF said...

Yes, that why mcs put them in perfect order. Also, he links up this rev.text on this page. You didn't see that?

mcs said...

Of course I know about that page! I even mention it in this post. But as I said, it is not complete. It does not even include the splatter vinyl copies of this record, neither the release show version or the euro tour version. So it's not entirely reliable.