Tuesday, 30 September 2014

A Few Integrity LPs

After yesterday's post showcasing a few Integrity 7"s I just picked up, I thought it only natural to follow with a few Integrity LPs that I just added too.

The 'Den Of Iniquity' double LP was released just before RSD this year. This title was originally given to a CD which compiled the band's first 7" with a few odds and sods back in the mid 90s. The same title has now been given to a double LP which compiles a much larger collections of odds and sods. In fact, this now includes 23 songs, which the sticker on the front tells us span 1988-89. Not quite true though, as it includes songs from the split 7"s with Psywarfare and Lockweld that came out in the late 90s. Anyway, I got this 2 x white vinyl version, which is the most limited version direct from the label. The paper dust sleeves are stamped and numbered.

It also comes with a huge poster. I took a photo with the LP cover in shot to show the size of this thing. It's big.

The RSD version that the stores got was the most common colour made. Not sure how many there are, but 'a few' would be my guess. Regardless of it being the most common colour, however, it is the best looking colour in my opinion, as it matches the artwork nicely.

And because I pre-ordered from the label, I also received the limited envelope full of copies of old flyers. This is flyer set #4 in a series. I think I have sets 1,2 and 4 so am missing set 3. Just like it is with records, I never seem to be able to collect a complete set.

I also picked up the previous year's Integrity RSD release, which was the 'Systems Overload A2 Orr Mix' on the 'regular' black vinyl. There were only 365 made of these in total, so it was quite limited for a RSD release... although the label then repressed it on three more colours afterwards to satisfy the demand.

I think I now have 6 versions of this A2 Orr mix version of this record. Like every Integrity record, it's crazy how the number of variants adds up. I've lost touch of exactly how many Integrity records I now own, but it's over 130 now, which seems crazy for one band. And still there are loads of versions that I am missing...


Nico said...

I am not an Integrity collector or even a big Integrity fan, but I did pick up System Overload A2 Orr Mix last year on RSD and I gotta say, I totally love it. That record is so amazingly good.

Willem RWHAF said...

The ideal production for every real Hardcore lover indeed. A2/Orr are naturals. I'm not a big Integrity fan either but to listen to this one now and then.