Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Saves The Daybreak

So when I picked up the Rival Schools LP from the US label, I also had a quick look around their online store and picked up one other item - the second press of the Saves The Day 'Daybreak' LP. 500 on white vinyl. I think the first press was exclusively black vinyl and it was therefore a low priority pick up for me. But seeing a white vinyl pressing was enough to make me decide to finally add this to my collection.

I've been listening to this band since their first LP was released by Equal Vision back in about 1997. Most bands that I can think of that I was interested in back then who are still going now are no longer on my radar. But somehow I've never lost interest in Saves The Day. I know it's kinda wussy, but it's also pretty catchy stuff. Funny though how I feel like I should probably be embarrassed to still be listening to this band. Still, things could be worse. I mean, they could have just completely given up even trying to come up with cover art for their records.

Oh, wait...


Mike said...

When did your girlfriend start posting records on your blog?

mcs said...