Wednesday, 4 July 2012

What Goes Around Comes Around...

I spotted this 7" on eBay a couple of weeks back and decided I wanted it. But then I noticed that the seller was going to charge me $25 for shipping. I emailed and asked if this was a mistake or what he was really going to charge. The response came back that yes, that was the charge. I then asked if I could have it shipped to my post bitch in the States. No. The seller would only ship to the registered paypal address. Turns out that the seller had been burnt by overseas rip-off artists in the past and was paranoid about it happening again. I guess we've all been there & know the risks. Anyway, to cut a long story short, after a few emails back and forth and it turned out that the seller reads this blog and decided that he would relax his overseas shipping policy for me. This gave me the green light to bid, and thankfully after all the emails, I won.

This is a copy of the first Down To Nothing 7" on the now defunct Dead By 23 label. Originally released circa 2002, this version here was created for last year's This Is Hardcore festival. When this was originally released, the red vinyl was the second press of (I think) 500. I can only assume that, ten years on, Robbie Redcheeks still had a few copies left & decided to make up sleeves for them. This is a nice looking variant. Silver ink screened onto maroon card. There were only 6 & this happens to be number 1.

Big thanks to the seller for being so cool about this. Much appreciated.

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Mike said...

The blog pays off! Where would you be if you had quit this years ago?