Sunday, 22 January 2012

Loose Nuts

You may or may not know that SST Records have recently repressed a few records on color vinyl. This hasn't really been done since the early 90s, which is when pretty much all the SST color vinyl was originally manufactured. But now, twenty years later, the latest round of represses have appeared on non-black wax. And to keep things interesting, there's more than one colour of everything. Yay!

Case in point - 'Loose Nut'. The original early 90s colour pressing was on clear blue (I picked one up in June 2008). Now we have at least three new colours on the scene... a brown, a light pinky grey, and a deep pink:

To make things worse (for me) I have just scanned eBay and seen a super dark grey version which the seller describes as 'olive'. I'm starting to think that these were maybe pressed on 'scrap' colour vinyl, which is where the plant uses random leftover colours which then results in almost countless different variants. If that's the case then I best give up now or I'll end up owning 20 copies on varying shades. Although, in a way, that would be kinda cool...

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