Sunday, 22 January 2012

Fire & Ice Collections LP

As you probably know by now, I struggle to keep up with the latest bands these days. And my level of interest is not what it used to be. But I do love to hear new music and last year, after much hassle from Mike, I finally caved in & downloaded some Fire & Ice songs. He kept telling me I would like the band, as they feature dudes from Iron Boots and Down To Nothing, both of which I have also kinda liked. Well, I soon found myself playing these songs on a daily basis as I rode my bike to & from work, and it felt good to be listening to a current band who really brought the mosh. Or in my case, the pedal power. It was inevitably only a matter of time until I started buying their records.

I picked up a couple of their 7"s a couple of months ago, and now I have the 12" which compiles both the 7"s onto one handy disc. This is on glow in the dark vinyl.

This record has without doubt the biggest lyric sheet I have ever seen in my life:

This would definitely have been my top record of 2011 if only it had shown up in 2011. Goddamn post office. They ruin everything.

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Mike said...

No pictures of the glow in the dark vinyl? I don't believe you.