Sunday, 7 March 2010

Shook Ones LPs

In my last post I said that I had 197 pieces of Revelation vinyl. Doesn't take long for information to become out of date I guess. The number is now 199.

The latest additions are two versions of the same thing - one of the more recent releases. Well, I say recent, but it still seems that this record is now 2-3 years old. That's the entire duration of some people's hardcore career. Crazy how time passes these days...

So the record is the Shook Ones 'Facetious Folly Feat' LP. One of the stupidest album titles ever. I can't say I'm overly excited to have these records. In all honesty, I only bought them because they are on Revelation. But funnily enough, this seems one of the hardest Revelation releases to get at all. Most Rev releases had hundreds of copies available, and although the colours were limited, the black records were never hard to find. But this being one of the later releases, there is no black vinyl, only three different coloured versions. And because this band is still going, and seem to be pretty popular, getting any copy at all is pretty difficult. I tried to get just one copy of this loads of times before but they always sold for more than I was willing to pay. But recently I did ok and got two copies from the same dude. First, the most limited colour, the red & yellow starburst, which is limited to 204 copies:

Second, the yellow & brown split vinyl, which is out of 303 copies:

There's also a red vinyl of 500 copies, of which 100 come in a release show sleeve. Not sure if I'll ever get that to be honest. But then again, my (colour vinyl) Rev collection won't be complete without one, so knowing me I probably will.

This band is actually alright. They sound a lot like Lifetime. And just like Lifetime, the thought of this band seems to somehow be worse than the sound of the band. I mean, if I play this, I do find myself enjoying it. But when I think about listening to this, I think "urgh, no, rubbish". I guess that's the problem with these kind of bands - you don't really want to like them, but you just can't help it. I mean, I do have to admit that they make some damn catchy songs. I guess that's probably why they're so popular.

I'm now wondering what my 200th piece of Revelation vinyl will be. Part of me thinks that it should be something cool, but another part of me has a strange feeling that it probably won't be. We shall see...

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