Tuesday, 29 December 2009

The Brown Book 'Thirty Nothing' LP

Still frantically trying to catch up on the stuff I got in the past few weeks before the end of the year... looks like I might just make it!

Somewhere around the beginning of November, I got an email from a dude called Ryan, saying that his band had just put out an album and saying that he would like to send me a copy. So I sent my address, and a short while later, the record arrived.

The band is called The Brown Book. The record is called 'Thirty Nothing'.

This record has a very DIY feel. No insert, no colour vinyl, no limited editions. Just a black record in a simple sleeve.

I originally said to Ryan that I found this interesting, and I'm keeping with that comment. This record is full of loud rocking sounds, but no vocals. I guess the only bands I really listen to that sound remotely like this is Pelican and Grails, but The Brown Book don't sound like either. Imagine Botch playing Pelican covers but not bothering with the long build-ups and quiet jangly bits. Well, The Brown Book sound something like that. Except better. I've been enjoying this a lot lately. I don't know whether this is classified as rock, metal, hardcore, or something else. But it matters not. All I know is that this has been the perfect soundtrack to cold, dark evenings.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, check out the band's myspace:


You can buy the LP there using paypal for only $10 postpaid.

For me, it was interesting listening to a band with no preconceptions whatsoever. Most bands I listen to I pick up on because of the record label that they are on, which usually gives an indication of what it is likely to sound like. So to get a record and have no idea what it is going to sound like was a different experience. Thanks Ryan!

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