Monday, 24 July 2017

The Miracle Drug Demo

Being older, it's always nice to hear about other older dudes starting new bands. For one, it's cool to hear that could be cool new music from people whose music I have enjoyed in the past. But also, it's good to know that I'm not the only old dude still enjoying this shit at the age I'm at. So when I heard a song by The Miracle Drug a coupe of years ago, which was rad, and then heard that it was older dudes, I was interested.

Last year Trip Machine Laboratories released The Miracle Drug demo as a 7", and I jumped on the pre-order to ensure I got the most limited version, which was this clear orange vinyl copy, hand numbered out of 102 copies:

Of course, the label pressed other colours too, and offered all three as a bundle. I couldn't help myself. The white vinyl copy probably matches the artwork the best, and is out of 147 copies. Mine also has a bit of black streaking going on which makes it even more interesting.

And finally the 'clay' vinyl out of 252 copies.

So what is this like? Well, it's good. Can I describe what it sounds like? No, not really. But follow the link above to their bandcamp page and check it. The band features Matt Weider on guitar (who was in Mouthpiece, and also Automatic) and Thommy Browne (Enkindel, By The Grace oF God, and every other Louisvile band you can think of) and a couple of other guys whose names i am less familiar with. But with their debut LP about to drop courtesy of War Records, you still have time to catch up before you get left behind.

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itallcomesdowntothis said...

I really enjoy that demo and I'm kinda excited about the new EP.