Wednesday, 15 February 2017


I used to LOVE the Metroschifter back in the mid 90s. Such a great band that were years ahead of their time. One thing that always appealed to me was how the band had some really interesting and original ideas to keep things fresh and original. Case in point - their third album, 'Encapsulated'. Here's a test press of it that I have just recieved:

As you can see, this was a double LP. However, what makes this one interesting is that that the band themselves didn't even play on this record at all. Instead, they wrote the songs and then sent out demo versions to other bands, and asked them to record their own versions. The songs that came back then became the album. So it's a Metroschifter LP which the band themselves don't play on at all. I guess that kind of makes it a compilation... although it was released as a Metroschifter LP, not a compilation of Metroschifter covers.

Here's a pic of the test next to the regular (gatefold) sleeve.

When I took the sleeve out, I found the following sticker inside that I had cut off of the shrink wrap when I bought this back at the turn of the century.

Sadly, I think that the Metroschifter have been forgotten in the sands of time. But you can see from the line up of this record that they were a pretty big deal back in their day, being able to convince some of the bigger bands of the era to participate in their project.

I think this is the third Metroschifter test that I own. It would be four if it weren't for some dick on eBay a few years ago.

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