Tuesday, 14 February 2017

A Story Of Life

We all love the feeling of picking up some big time records now and again. But it's also equally as satisfying to pick up records for super cheap. So when I saw someone selling a couple of copies of the Far Cry 'Story Of Life' 7" for super cheap, I jumped on it. It's not the best record ever made, but it's definitely an underrated little straight edge hardcore record with a rad cover.

The first copy I picked up was this pink vinyl copy in blue sleeve. The blue sleeve was the first press.

The second copy is this second pressing copy on yellow vinyl.

The pressing info for this one is confusing to say the least. The second press was apparently 251 copies on yellow vinyl, and 40 copies on 'swirled' vinyl. Previously I only owned one copy of this, which I have now placed next to the yellow vinyl in this photo:

As you can see, these two look different. But there's no way to tell whether the one on the right is one of the yellow or swirled copies. One thing is for sure though - this is a crazy record to try to collect. The first press was officially pink vinyl and yellow vinyl... but the 'pinks'range from pink to orange, and the yellows range from yellow to white. Then, the second press was officially yellow and swirled, but copies range from light yellow to dark yellow, and the swirls are (I think) various shades of grey. Not sure I want to pick up more, but I may do if I see them for cheap.


Mike said...

I love this post. First of all, buying cheap records like this is a lot of fun....remember my obsession with that Naked Angels 7 inch a while back? This reminded me of that. Second, I only own this on a good looking pink vinyl, and I'm not sure if I've seen this on yellow. Now that I've seen your pictures, it makes me want to chase one.

Mark-Sandwell said...

Crucial response is a vastly underrated label.

nico said...

Did you see my Far Cry collection on IG?

By swirled Peter means those grey copies with yellow mixed in.
And yes I am guilty too, I have every color from white to off-white to light yellow to more darker yellow and various shades of pink.

mcs said...

Yes, Nico - I saw your pic on instagram. It is THE reference point for this 7". Amazing stuff.