Sunday, 15 January 2017

GB x Conne Island x Core Tex

Back in mid December, one of my fellow collectors tipped me off that there was a new, super limited pressing of the Gorilla Biscuits 7" available to order. Just like the 30 year anniversary pressing of the Sick Of It All 7" that was pressed last year, the new GB 7" was tied in with Conne Island, a venue in Leipzig, Germany.

There were 350 of these records pressed in total, all hand numbered. The first 100 were for those involved, friends of the band and the venue. The next 100 were sold by Core Tex Records in Berlin. These copies had a Core Tex sticker on the dust sleeve and were numbered out of 100 copies:

As you can see, the front cover features the Gorilla outside of Conne Island. As someone else said on instagram, it's the same gold vinyl that Rev have repressed half of their catalogue on over the last couple of years, but this time it actually seems appropriate.

The back cover is also completely different to the regular version, with a picture of the band playing live at Conne Island. And whilst I wasn't overly into the cover of the Sick Of It All 7" because it felt like it was made on a laser printer or colour photocopier, this sleeve feels like it has been properly printed.

Just like the SOIA 7", the inside of the sleeve is printed and contains photos of the band playing at the venue, as well as the numbering out of 350. The Core Tex copies were numbers 101-200 out of 350, but then also numbered out of 100 in the same sequence. So 175/350 is also Core Tex number 75/100. Geddit?

The flipside of the lyric sheet is the same, featuring photos of the band at the venue

All in all, this is a nice job. Definitely a league above the SOIA 7" in terms of quality. Unlike the SOIA 7", this was not sold at a show, but online, although there seems to have been even more of a shitstorm about this in the last couple of weeks. These hundred copies at Core Tex sold out super quick, but the store didn't limit people to one copy, so some people got extras which annoyed several people. And then, as these started to show up in peoples' mail boxes, Rev put their copies up for sale, and even though the limited the sales to one per person, all 150 copies sold out in something like 16 minutes. I think this one is going to cause some people a headache for quite some time...

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chris said...

It's already causing me a headache. These went on sale both times I was at work and I totally missed out. Bummer. Not willing to spend an arm and a leg on it though.