Thursday, 24 December 2015


Here's a pretty minor record that has been on my wants list for way too long. This one sided, one song Mind Eraser 7" was originally only available to people who ordered the 'Glacial Reign' LP direct from the label back when it came out. I was not one of those people, unfortunately, so a year or so later I added it to my want list, and then a few more years went by. Oops.

This record looks pretty cool, with a stamped label and also a screen printed obi strip. The only thing missing is a sexy colour of vinyl.

I still want the limited cover versions of the 'Cave' LP, although for some reason I didn't even bother putting them on my want list in the first place. Which means i keep forgetting that I want them. Hardly surprising that I haven't managed to find them yet then, is it?

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