Sunday, 20 December 2015

Second Nature Tests

I'm only too aware that the end of the year is almost upon us, and I have a pile of records I picked up this year that I still haven't got around to posting. So I figure I need to fix that and get them all up here. It's gonna be a busy few days...

Earlier in the year I picked up some test pressings from Second Nature Recordings. I didn't get around to posting them all up here as they got put into the wrong pile. It was only last week when I was looking back over the year's pickups when I realised that I had forgotten about the other records in the batch. So here they are.

Anasarca was a band that I never heard about when they were actually a band back in the mid 90s. But back when Second Nature originally released this discography LP in 2001, I picked it up as I really liked what the label was doing at the time, and I really enjoyed it. I picked up two copies of this LP. The first is the purple vinyl, which was the limited colour second press out of only 100 copies.

I also picked up this test press of the same record. There were only 8 copies made and this one is stamped with a number 3.

Next is a test press of the Casket Lottery / Small Brown Bike 10". This record got reissued this year on a different record label as a 12", but the original pressing was unfortunately a 10", which means I now have another one of these stupidly sized discs in my collection.

The sleeve for this record is really nice, with the front cut around the centre label.

The next record is not very well knowm. The band is called Eulcid and the record is called 'The Wind Blew All The Fires Out'. At some point, Kurt Ballou from Converge was in this band, along with some dude called Matt Redmond. Anyway, this record was their debut album released back in the year 2000, and I first bought it back then.

This test press is numbered 4/8 in gold ink on the back cover.

Next is a test of the Kid Kilowatt 'Guitar Method' LP. Being a big Cave In fan, I really like this LP. It was a project band for a couple of guys from Cave In, as well as Kurt Ballou from Converge and some dude called Matt Redmond. Ever heard of him?

This has a number 6 stamped on the top of the front cover. Again, there were only 8 copies of this test made.

Now, way back in November 2008 I picked up a test press of the Kid Kilowatt 7" on eBay. It came in a plain white paper dust sleeve, but at some point later I learnt that the other copies had sleeves made. So when I picked up this batch of tests, I asked Dan is he had any spare sleeves for the 7" test. He sent one over.

And finally, a test press of the first Waxwing LP. This was a band that Rocky Votolato sang in, and they knocked out three albums. This is the first, and for some reason I only own this one on CD. Not sure why that's the case.

The craziest thing about this batch of records is thinking about how old most of these releases are now. I still think of these bands and records as relatively recent, although they are 10-15 years old at this point. Crazy.

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