Monday, 16 November 2015

Guess It's OK

Here's one that I needed to fill a critical gap in my Cave In collection. The split 7" with Piebald came out in 1996 when neither band were particularly well known anywhere but their native Boston. It was released by Moo Cow Records, and I can distinctly remember ordering a copy of this back when it came out, although that copy was white vinyl. This pink vinyl copy was a fourth press, and I never felt like I needed one originally as back then one copy was enough. As time as rolled on, however, I have realised that pink is by far the best colour for records and found it increasingly difficult to not have one of these in my life.

Some of my memories are funny. I remember back when this came out I emailed the label from work to reserve a copy. At that time, there was only one computer in my office that was connected to the internet, and my role was to log in every morning and check the email. I took the opportunity to use it to email record labels, ask them to hold records for me, and then send money in an envelope. I also remember getting in trouble because the dude who was the manager of my team found out I used email and thought that it was like phone calls, where the cost was per email sent, and I got told off and told not to use it again. Ha! It was worth it though, because those first press white vinyl copies have always been pretty tough to find.

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geoff said...

that gold address sticker is so fitting for moo cow. DIY at its punk rock finest.