Saturday, 21 November 2015

Distinct Sounds

When Chris picked up the Give LP for me he also sent a couple of extras. One was this special pressing of the Nuclear Age 'The Distinct Sounds Of...' 7" on React! Records. Back when Chris picked this up, there were only 4 copies for sale and he bought them all, without knowing whether this was a test press or tour press. I really liked the idea that it was a test press and there were only 4 copies, but alas that's not the case.

Even though this has the Rainbo test press labels, this was a tour press, made way before the record was actually released. There were 80 made.

I've been blasting this one a lot the past month or so. I'm pretty stoked on it. In fact, this is one of my fave releases of the year so far. I love the cover of this record and I love the tunes that this contains. Not sure how other people feel though as the limited red vinyl press of this record still seems to be available. Which reminds me, I still need to pick one up for myself...

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