Saturday, 25 July 2015


Being a longtime Revelation fan, it's cool to see that the label is still investing in new bands. Here's one that I struggled to decide whether it was a 2014 or 2015 release - a 7" by a band called Forced Order titled 'Retribution'. This came out on 23 December 2014, meaning that it is technically a 2014 release... but with it coming out then, barely anyone would have received or heard it until early 2015. So I'm calling it a 2015 release. Sue me.

This band sounds a bit like Integrity, and features members (or possibly a member) of Soul Search... another current Rev band. Whilst I'm quite into these three songs, I'm not convinced that Rev is the right place for them to be honest. Although, that said, there's been so many bands with so many sounds on the label over the year, that I have no right to say that at all.

There were three colours of vinyl pressed, and of course I had to buy them all - yellow (300), burgundy (500) and grey (700).

As I type this, a whole seven months after it came out, Rev have just put up a pre-order for the band's first full length, due to ship in late September. Could be one of the records of the year I would guess. Well, for me anyway. Assuming I receive it before the year ends that is.


Willem RWHAF said...

The burgundy colored version works best

J@screamingforrecords said...

Completely get your comment about Revelation not feeling like the perfect home for the band. Good release though

chris said...

Love this band and am eager to hear the full length. Hopefully it's a banger as well.