Saturday, 20 June 2015


Now and again I get caught up in the hype. When it was announced that Jawbreaker's 1994 LP '24 Hour Revenge Therapy' as being repressed, with the first 300 copies on red vinyl, a virtual shitstorm ensued. It wasn't possible to select either a red or black vinyl option on the site. You just had to buy a copy and hope you got a colour one. People started posting what their order number was, assuming that an order number less than 300 meant that they had scored a red copy. And of course, when I read all of this stuff going on, I started to panic thinking I would miss out. So I placed an order. And in the end I got lucky.

I remember this coming out, and I remember seeing the band play live when they toured the record in 1994. It was the only time I ever saw them play.

The funny thing is that I have been trying to avoid buying reissues for the last couple of years. But this one fully sucked me in.

So on a slightly related note, there is one Jawbreaker record that has been on my wants list for years, and I have never had a single shot at owning it. It's the first Jawbreaker 7" on grey vinyl.

This was released by Very Small Records back in 1989. The first press was 500 copies on grey vinyl. The remaining 3000 copies came in a different colour sleeve and were on black vinyl.

I've had this on my wants list for a long time. I decided that I needed to cross it off, so spent a little more to get one.

And around the time that I picked this up, I also spotted a green vinyl copy of the Jawbreaker / Jawbox split 7", so figured I would grab that too.

And finally... I found the complete show that I attended in 1994 on youtube. The venue name is wrong, but it's undoubtedly the show I went to. Pretty cool that I can relive this 20 years on. Ah, the internet.

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daniel said...

Looks like there was a repress of "24.." on red. from what I can tell, there's no difference.