Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Integrity Mayday Blues

Even though I collect Integrity records, and have well over 100 of the things, I'm still missing loads. Looking at it positively, there are lots for me to chase! Until a couple of months ago I didn't have any of the reissue splits with Mayday. Then I realised that I needed to try to pick them up. There are three colours that are pretty easy to get (yellow, red, white), of which I only have one, but I did manage to find this rarer blueish grey copy for not much money, so I figured I'd cross that off the list first.

No idea what the crack is with this. But I'm happy to have it as it seems by far the least common colour of this 7" out there. Unless of course there are colours I don't even know about, which is always possible.

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Ryan Robinson said...

Not sure if you saw or not, but Integrity posted on their fb about a reissue for HITD coming out soon!