Thursday, 30 April 2015

Clear To Be You

It's funny, but around the time I started collecting Descendents records it seemed that vinyl in general started getting really popular again, and repressing older releases on new colours became a new trend. Kinda cool in a way, because if I had started collecting these things a little later I would have missed out on some represses and had to track them down on eBay or discogs. The other way of looking at it, of course, is that it's kinda shit because I got sucked into buying all these bloody represses, which I may have avoided if I had felt there were too many to chase when I first started.

This latest repress, as pictured here, is a clear vinyl repress of the final Descendents album 'Cool To Be You'. It came out on Fat Wreck Chords in 1997 and, until this colour got pressed a couple of months ago, the original colour (blue) vinyl version of this record was the rarest (and thus most expensive) Descendents record out there. Not sure if the price of that one will now go up or down as a result of this clear repress. Either could happen.

My copy initially looked like the labels hadn't been put on correctly as they weren't properly lined up. But then I realised that the labels were put on right, it's just that one side has an extra label stuck on top. Nice to have something a little quirky.

So I still badly need a purple vinyl reissue copy of 'ALL'. I'm starting to get desperate. It only came out in 2011, and there were loads of them about, yet for some reason it seems impossible to find. Help!


David Allen said...

Released 2004 dude.

mcs said...

I was thinking of 'Everything Sucks'... although that was 1996. So I guess I just made it up. Damn, what an amateur.