Monday, 16 March 2015

Take Effect

You know how sometimes you don't know that you want something until you see a picture of it somewhere? Yeah, well, that. Someone I'm following on instagram posted up a green vinyl copy of the Fuel 'Take Effect' 7" on Lookout! Records. Now, I haven't listened to this band for some time, but that photo brought them right back into my world with a bang. I then needed to grab one for myself, which wasn't actually too difficult.

Fuel were a band active in the early 90s in the Bay Area. This 7" came out on Lookout! Records, they had a couple of split 7"s on Allied Recordings and a full length that was released by Rough Trade. They sounded a lot like Fugazi. I remember when I started getting into this kind of stuff, Fuel were a band that were loved by everyone. I'm not sure why exactly, but they seemed to have that magic ingredient that meant that they clicked with everyone - pop punkers, hardcore kids, and the political and emo scene too. After listening to them and writing this, I have to wonder exactly why they called it a day.

I already own this 7" on clear. There's also a red vinyl copy out there too which I am now looking for. BUT IT'S NOT UP FOR SALE!


chris said...

This is cool. I only ever owned this on clear, which I don't have any more. Seeing this makes me want to track them down again.

massivewaste said...

I remember buying their first LP when it came out and it blew me away. It is a really really good one, and to me much easier to listen to then to Fugazi. Great underrated band today.

trublvr73 said...

glad i inspired you to search this out...such a great record. Ive had it on black, red, and clear for some time now. the green was the final piece to the collection.