Monday, 21 April 2014

Life On The Ropes

So Sick Of It All had a couple of their more recent albums repressed for Record Store Day a couple of days ago, and I wasn't interested. I'm not sure why, but as I've said before, there are some bands that I want to own multipe versions of records for, and some I don't. And whilst I'm pretty much a lifelong Sick Of It All fan, I've never been interested in seeking out multiple pressings of any of their records (except the first 7"... because it's on Rev). I think part of this is that I view a lot of the LPs are crappy reissues. I mean, I have an original 'Blood, Sweat And No Tears' with lyric sheet, and I don't feel any need to own a coloured vinyl repress on some weird Euro label.

Well, I'm interested in owning one copy of each LP, and I want the first pressings. But there was one LP that I had (until a couple of days ago) never owned, and that was the 'Life On The Ropes' LP from 2003. It came out around the time that Bridge Nine released the 'Relentless' 7" (which I did buy, and which is the opening song on this LP). I'm not sure why I didn't buy this when it came out, but it came out on Fat Wreck and the colour vinyl is pretty damn hard to find and pretty damn expensive even if you can find it.

I grabbed this from eBay. The seller was based in Japan, which I assumed would scare off most potential bidders. I was right. I was the only bidder and got this for a lot less than it usually goes for. It's not exactly one of their best albums, but I'm happy as it is very hard to come across.

Now I only really need the green vinyl copy of the 'Live In A Dive' LP and I'm done. Anyone wanna sell or trade me one?

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darren said...

I truly believe that is one of their better post-90s releases. You've got them sounding good, and it doesn't feel like they were totally down tuned the whole album. There's that great song about "Keeping our PMA" and the one with John Joseph about "Fakin' the Punk" - I bought this on CD when it came out because I couldn't find the LP anywhere. I do love this record.