Tuesday, 8 April 2014

A Positive Hardcore Compilation

I'm not sure which is my favourite 1997 straight edge compilation 7". The choice is either 'The Time Is Now' or 'Growing Stronger'. Both have great bands and great songs, but tough to choose a favourite. I guess I'd have to cop out if you pushed me to pick one. I'd say that 'The Time Is Now' has the better songs, but 'Growing Stronger' 7" has better quality aesthetics and packaging. It has a great photo on the cover, a nice glossy cover, and giant insert(s) and a few different vinyl colours to keep things interesting. My latest is this red vinyl copy:

Red is the most limited version made, with only 57 hand numbered copies out there:

As I mentioned earlier, this thing came with a couple of large, folded inserts. I unfolded them and took this photo of the inserts next to the record and cover. As you can see, you get a lot of paper for your money.

And of course, picking up this fifth copy of this record, what else was I going to do but get my other four out for a group photo?

The red lettered sleeves are the first press, and the blue are the second. There was also a third press with yellow lettering on the sleeve, but I don't have one of those. Kinda feel like I need one now for some reason...

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Jeff said...

Great pick up! I really like this comp and seeing all of those versions side by side in that photo makes me jealous! On a side note... I picked up that red vinyl version of "The Time Is Now" you posted about a couple of months ago on Vinyl Noize. Thanks for the heads up!