Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Time for Lift Off

So I picked up a few Cave In test pressings earlier in the year, and if nothing else it made me want to revisit my Cave In collection and start filling in holes. Right up until about 2005 or so, I used to be happy to collect & own one version of each record. Things changes after that partly due to earning more money. But even in the earlier days of collecting, there were some bands whose records I always seemed to buy more than one copy of, and Cave In was one. I have two copies of most of their releases. The problem is, there are more than two of most of them, so I have still have a lot of holes in the collection.

Given that I picked up a test of the 'Lift Off' 7", I targeted trying to pick up the remaining colours I am missing. I already have two, but that meant I was missing about 4 more. I managed to cross two of those off recently. First up, I grabbed a clear light blue. This is part of the second press. It's a really nice colour.

The seller also threw in a photo of the band that was taken around the time that the 'Antenna' LP was recorded.

I also picked up an orange vinyl copy from a different seller around the same time. I think this is also from the second press.

Because I already had the first press colours, I now only need the white vinyl and the standard black vinyl to complete this one. Any help appreciated!

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Dan said...

i have a copy of this on black. im down to trade it or sell!