Saturday, 15 June 2013

Red City Streets

The older I get, the less excited I seem to get about new releases. New releases are announced and, if I'm bothered at all, I don't mind paying and waiting. I'm always busy and time does seem to pass quickly, so waiting for a few weeks isn't a problem. It's not like years ago when I was climbing the walls waiting for new records to arrive in anticipation. And even when I am super excited, these days it's not too tough to find the songs to listen to before the record arrives. Basically, what I'm saying is that there's very little that gets me excited anymore. This, however, is an exception. The Violent Reaction 'City Streets' LP.

The 7" proved really difficult to get hold of for me, so I was determined not to experience the same difficulty with the LP. Add in the fact that it was coming out on Painkiller Records, which has a tendency to sell out of stuff lightning fast, and the youth were getting restless. To make matters even worse, just before the pre-order went up, the label announced that there weren't many colour copies left, adding yet another dimension to the game.

Well, when the day came for the orders to go live I actually remembered for once, set my alarm, and managed to check out within minutes of the orders going up. After that tt was just a case of sitting back and waiting, hoping that I'd acted quick enough to get one of the colour copies. Well as you can see, yes, I did. No idea how many were made, but I consider myself lucky to have bagged one of these... although I'm sure that actually being organised for once helped.

What's interesting to me is that back at the start of the year everyone was saying "record of the year" when the Rival Mob LP dropped. And now this has come out I've already read a couple of comments people describing this as the very same. I'm not even making a call yet, but it's an interesting one to think about whilst blasting tunes and punching stuff.


Dustin said...

Definitely LP of the year for me. This band gets better and better on each release.

Chris said...

Totally slept on this. Literally. Maybe one day I'll track it down, but from what little I've heard it's really good. Time to start the hunt.

Across Your Face said...

FUCK, hella jealous. I ordered this quick, but not quick enough because I got stuck with a boring ass black copy.