Sunday, 16 July 2017


I'm still playing catch up on last year. One release that I just flat out missed was the Red Hare 'Lexicon Mist' 7" that Dischord put out. I don't really remember why I didn't order it at the time it came out. But soon enough the first press on clear vinyl sold out and that was that. But when the second press on gold came out at the start of the year, I was quick off the mark.

I always liked when the inside of a sleeve is printed with a picture. Reminds me of a Mudhoney 7".

Given I've only actually gotten this recently, I've also only just gotten around to listening to it. Unsurprisingly, it's great.

At the same time as ordering the Red Hare 7", Dischord also put out a third pressing of the S.O.A. demo 7" on yellow vinyl, so I was forced to grab that too.

Three pressings in and I'm already hoping that there will be a fourth. Time will tell I guess...


Willem Termote said...

most likely an easy job done for you, nice and affordable collection!

Nico said...

Still no colored copy of the Dag Nasty 7".

mcs said...

I'm still hoping it will get pressed on colour as I still don't own a copy.