Sunday, 30 July 2017

Keep The Quarter

Last year Mike went through a phase of picking up records by forgotten 90s bands, one of which was Sparkmarker. As often happens, when I read posts by fellow bloggers it influences me to listen to the same stuff. So I spent a little time reacquainting myself with Sparkmarker, and of course ended up realising that there was a record of theirs that I was missing. The split 7" with The Mystery Machine on blue vinyl, to be exact. So when one eventually popped up for sale this year, I grabbed it.

This 7" comes on two colours of vinyl - clear and blue. The clear was the one that I picked up back when this came out. The blue I knew existed, but had never actually seen until I bought this.

I always had it in my head that there were 500 of each colour made. Not sure if I'm imagining this. But it felt that the blue was rarer based on the fact that when I decided that I wanted one recently, there were none for sale, versus several clear copies. But of course, now that I have one, there are two for sale on discogs. Typical.


Mike said...

...and the cycle of influence continues. Since I don't own this record, I had to follow your lead and hit up discogs to buy one.

itallcomesdowntothis said...

I'm listening to this band right now on YouTube. It's really good. Thanks.