Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Build & Destroy

So I'm not exactly down with Lockin' Out. I don't have the full catalogue of releases. But there are a lot of people who are really into whatever they put out and, as such, the limited colour vinyl pressings usually sell out damn quick. At some point last year everyone was suddenly talking about some band called Build & Destroy and I had no idea what the fuck was going on. It then turned out that this was a new band that featured dude from RZL DZL. When I found out I had to listen to it, and goddamn, I loved it immediately. I then had to track down colour copies of both 7"s, which I did, and then they got lost in the post. So a year later, I found them both again.

The first 7" is their 'Demo 2010'. These were pressed on clear purple vinyl, although mine is mainly clear with a little whisp of purple thrown in.

I'm sorely tempted to also try to pick up a purple one too. I bet there are quite a range of colour variants of this one out there, and it would be cool to have a couple of them.

The second 7", and first 'proper' release, is the 'Map Of The Heavens' 7". This one also comes on purple vinyl, but a dark, solid purple that looks almost black.

The biggest disappoinment of the last ten years for me was that RZL DZL fizzled out, so I really hope these guys keep at it long enough to crank out a full length. These songs are all great and I need more.

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geoff said...

that band rules. i agree, a full length would be perfect.