Sunday, 9 July 2017

Abuse Of Power

As ever I am behind, in terms of both this blog and also the latest bands and releases. Just after Abuse Of Power released their second 7", I've finally got around to picking up and listening to their first. Even though this is the band's first vinyl release, technically it isn't their first record, but their demo, pressed on to vinyl by New Age Records.

There were two colours of vinyl, and like a fool I picked up both. 200 on 'pink lemonade' and 300 on clear orange. Both feature the iconic New Age logo that was first featured on the Walk Proud 7" labels waaaay back at the beginning of time which are usually reserved for the special pressings of their releases.

This is actually a pretty good record. It's proving a gym favourite at the moment, although my one complaint would be that it is a tad short. Just as I'm getting into it, it ends. You'd think then that I would have jumped at the chance to grab their second 7" that came out recently on Triple B, right? Not the speed I move, son. Gimme a few months at least.

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Mike said...

Ha ha...nice post. I'm sure you will get around to the new 7 inch as soon as Triple B has sold out of them.