Monday, 5 June 2017

Last Piece Of The Puzzle

I've always been a fan of Gameface. Well, not always obviously. I mean, when I was like 3 I had never heard of them. But ever since I first heard them, I've been a fan. I first saw them play in Summer 1995 or 1996 (can't remember which exactly) and since then they've always been a band whose records I have picked up, to the point where I now have a pretty good collection. The latest edition is this test press of their first record, the self-titled 7" which was released in 1991 by Nemesis Records.

In line with tradition, here's the test press next to the cover for the regular version of the record:

This represents the 4th Gameface test press in my collection, which I'm pretty happy about. Unfortunately, a couple of their records came out on Revelation, so I'm never going to own those. But there are a couple of other releases that I could realistically aim to find in the fullness of time, so fingers crossed...

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