Thursday, 2 February 2017

Slip It In California

So here's a record by a band that I know precisely nothing about. A tour version of a I12" by a band called Forced Forward:

I actually already own this 12" on pink vinyl in a regular sleeve. I got it from the label pretty much when it came out. It's a really good record, hence me picking up this limited tour version too. But I know zero about this band. Using my Columbo-like powers, I think I've managed to work out that they were from DC. This is because:

1. I found a pic of the record release version of this record, which shows that they played with LOJ, Cold World, War Hungry, Police & Thieves and Turn Into Ghosts. I know that LOJ and Police & Thieves were both from DC, and I kinda figure that Police & Thieves didn't get out of town much. So I would guess this show took place in DC.

2. The top right hand corner of this record says 'FFDC'.

This is the California 2007 tour version, numbered out of only 25 copies.

Notice that the dust sleeve refers to a blog that they did on tour. It's still up here --->

Interesting to think that on an average year I aim for 120 blog posts, but these dudes managed that in one month.

Anyway, if you have never heard this band I would seriously advise that you check it out. It's good, and you can buy a pink vinyl copy for super cheap on discogs.


Willem RWHAF said...

Looking good on a black background. Never heard of the band, they posted 100+ posts in a month but they aren't that long at all. Maybe they had several authors.

Nico said...

I remember having the demo cd of this band, can't recall hearing if it actually is any good. No idea if I still have it.