Tuesday, 7 February 2017

GB x Conne Island x RevHQ

I'm sure everyone knows the story on this one already. 350 gold GB 7"s pressed, 100 sold via Core Tex Records in Germany without too much of a big announcement, lots of people missed out, and then a few weeks later Rev put 150 copies up for sale, all of which sold in about 16 minutes. Being a Rev nerd, I wanted one of each and I managed it. I've already posted my Core Tex copy, so here's my Rev copy.

The only difference is that the Rev copies have a plain paper dust sleeve, and the numbers inside the sleeve are in the range 201-350.

Here are the two together:

I'm not overly convinced that I need one of each. If the Core Tex copies didn't have the stamped dust sleeve I'm sure one would have been enough. And whilst it feels kinda greedy to have two, I'm sure I'm not the only one who had to pick up both versions. Record collectors eh?

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geoff said...

part of me agrees that one would be enough of this record (being the coretex version). then the GB record hoarder in me realizes that i will own several copies of this by years end. you can never have too many GB 7"s.