Sunday, 27 December 2015

Like A Virgin

Another new release that isn't a new release at all. The Harkonen / These Arms Are Snakes split 12", entitled 'Like A Virgin', was first released by Hydrahead back in 2005 on something called a 'compact disc'. This was still in an era when I liked Hydrahead and what they were doing, but even then I wouldn't push myself as far as buying a CD. And whilst Hydrahead may no longer be one of my 'trusted labels' (in so much as I don't religiously buy everything they release), and whilst I don't really listen to bands like this much these days, once I saw this record I couldn't stop myself from ordering a copy.

The record contains five songs pressed onto one side, with a screen print on the flipside. Mine also came with a couple of bent sleeve corners.

This is the milky white vinyl version out of 114 copies. There are three other versions and, believe it or not, this one is probably the worst looking one of all.

The label put some serious time, effort and money into this thing. Not only does it come with a full colour insert, but also an additional, second insert on some fancy ass paper.

This is seriously one of the nicest records I have seen in a long time. I really wish that more labels would put the care and love into their releases that this label did with this one. Truly awesome stuff.

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