Sunday, 22 November 2015

The Learning Edge

The third record that Chris picked up for me earlier this year was this release show copy of the Red Death 'Permanent Exile' LP. This limited cover was sold at the release show, which was actually this year's Damaged City fest in the band's hometown.

I have to admit, I have absolutely no idea what the front cover is about. 'Get The Learning Edge' sounds like some kind of straight edge pro-education mantra, although I'm sure that it probably means something completely different.

This screen printed cover is numbered out of 100 copies. I took a close up as it doesn't really show up in the picture above.

This has become a regular player for me in the gym the last couple of months. Short, fast hardcore blasts with vocals that remind me a lot of Sick Of It All. Pretty much everything I have ever read about this band mentions crossover and COC, neither of which really mean much to me. But regardless of comparisons and descriptions, I can see why this band have gained so much attention over the last two years. This is good stuff.


Mike said...

So many new bands being posted on this blog, I had to check to make sure that I was still reading The Endless Quest.

chris said...

Thanks for all the shout outs!!! I'm glad you enjoyed the records.

mcs said...

Yeah, Mike, I pretty much got through a year's worth of new releases in one week :o)