Sunday, 1 November 2015

More Integrity 7"s

The life of an Integrity collector is never quiet. It seems like for every record I pick up, there are five more that I miss. So recently I made an effort to pick up some pieces of the puzzle that, for one reason or another, passed me by when they came out.

Let's kick things off with a test press, and one with a badass cover. This is a test press of the 'March Of The Damned' 7". This was put out by A389 Records in 2010 as an extra for those who pre-ordered the 'To Die For' 10". This 7" is a vinyl pressing of an old cassette called 'Grace Of The Unholy'.

The crazy thing about this one is that I already have a test of this 7", but it has a different cover. I'm not really sure why two covers exist, nor how many of each there are. But what I do know is that when you're into collecting test press variations, you know you have a problem.

And on a similar note, next up is another test, this time for the '7th Revelation Beyond The Realm Of The VVitch 7". This one came out on A389 Records, and was given away as part of the special double LP repress of 'Systems Overload' which was made for the A389 bash in January 2014. The 'Systems Overload' lineup reformed for that show, and in advance got together and recorded a new song, which was released as this 7".

The next one is a test press of a flexi disc. The 'Piss Off You Bloody Wankers' flexi 7" was given as a bonus to anyone who pre-ordered the 'Den Of Iniquity' double LP last year. Well, even flexi discs need a test press, and here it is.

Moving on to some non test press records, my next pickup was a limited sleeve version of the Japanese pressing of the split 7" with Creepout. This originally came out back in 2009 for some Japanese tour. There were only 340 copies of this 7" made in Japan, yet three different sleeves. This third one has taken me since then to track down. It's a tough find for sure.

There were only 52 of these, and they are hand numbered and signed by someone or other. I believe it may be the pre-order version, although I could be wrong on that.

Next is a clear vinyl copy of the split with Gehenna. I think this is my 5th copy of this record. I still need the blue vinyl with plain label version.

Next, a baby blue vinyl copy of the 'In Contrast Of Sin' 7". This is the second press limited colour on Organized Crime Records. I already have one of these, but got this copy with an LP that I also picked up (post on that coming later). This one is numbered out of 116 copies. I have a spare which I have put up for sale on Discogs as I don't need two.

And finally, another copy of the split 7" with Mayday. A couple of months ago I picked up a blue one, although it was actually a greyish colour. So when I saw a very blue copy appear I decided to grab that too.

Here's the new blue with the first blue copy. I think they're different enough to warrant keeping both... despite what I just said about not needing two of blue Integrity 7"s.

This post now means that I have over 100 Integrity 7"s. If you'd have asked me how many I thought I had I would have said 'about 50'. Somehow i have double what I thought I had, which seems ridiculous. I mean, seriously, how did I acquire a hundred???

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Willem RWHAF said...

Outstanding post mcs, legendary pick ups and great archival information also. It's hard to keep track of all Integrity releases, test pressings and variants for sure. All people have to do is click the 'Integrity' label and they get quite a unique insight in what exists. Great work on your behalf...