Monday, 30 November 2015

Children Of The Void

I mentioned in my Alert post a couple of weeks ago that when labels do big auctions on eBay, like Dave and Six Feet Under Records, I often watch bits that I think other people won't be too interested in. So aside from the Alert records, I also had my eye on this test press of the Tremors 7" that got released back in 2011. I really like this 7" and wanted this test as it's a UK band, and I kinda like having test pressings from UK bands. I'll definitely have a UKHC test pressing section in my hardcore museum when I get around to opening it.

This is nothing to look at. No special sleeve. Nothing. Just the record in a plain paper dust sleeve, the same as it would have been received back from the plant. So as is tradition on here, I pulled out the regular cover to make a more interesting photograph.

Funnily enough, back when I first bought this 7" from SFU originally, my order also included a copy of the Alert 7". This means that a pattern has now been established, being that if I buy an Alert 7" from Six Feet Under Records, then I simultaneously must also order a Tremors 7".

That's 29 tests for the year so far, for anyone who's counting.

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J@screamingforrecords said...

Put me down for a couple of tickets for the Museum Marcus haha