Monday, 23 November 2015

12 Inches Of Hate.

One of the most infamous hardcore records of the past 20 years or so is the I HATE YOU. discography. The band were from Philadelphia and existed circa 1995-98. They had a discography put out on CD by Deathwish Inc. around the start of the new millennium. Then, a few short years later, Dead By 23 Records went on to release it on vinyl.

Now, I certainly don't know much about the details of this, but at the time there was a bit of commotion as pre-orders went up but many people didn't receive their records. A few copies were sold at Posi Numbers fest. History suggests that 40 were sold, and anywhere between 90 and 138 copies were made in total, but nobody really seems to know. It has become folklore, and at this point in time doesn't really matter. But the point is, this thing is not easy to come by.

Well, cutting to the chase, I picked up a test press of this thing from Tru Pray a few months ago. Like a lot of test presses, this isn't too exciting to look at. It's black vinyl in a plain sleeve. It does at least have some cool lettering stenciled on the label though.

In case you've never seen the record (i.e. those of you who weren't reading this blog back in May 2009), I took out the regular version so I could take a photo of the test press next to the actual sleeve. This was not an easy photo to take I can tell you.

If anyone is curious as to what this band sounds like, they have a bandcamp page up where you can stream (or download if you're old fashioned) all of their output. Check it out.

I HATE YOU. bandcamp


Anonymous said...

I still like to listen to this band from time to time, though I am way more mellow than I was when I had the original records. I remember ordering the Prime Directive 7" in whatever limited version it came on from, I think, the singer, along with a "Straight Edge = Bloodshed" shirt and a "Prime Directive" shirt. It came with a note regarding the PD shirt, and I wish I still had the record and the shirts, as a fun time capsule. The note said "This is the last shirt from the last batch of the last printing of the last I Hate You. shirt. - Nick".

Also, this blog, as well as a couple of the other hardcore record blogs, are a fun way for a former record collector/washed up hardcore dude to look at and reminisce on the records I had and records I coveted and to also some times maybe check out a new band that I would otherwise never here about.

mcs said...

Thanks man! Kind of you to say.