Sunday, 12 July 2015

This Time Next Clear

I saw this on instagram a few weeks ago and was puzzled. It's a(nother) repress of The Movielife 'This Time Next Year' LP, this time on clear vinyl. What puzzled me was that this was put up on instagram by a shop in the UK, yet there was no mention of it by Revelation Records themselves. It turns out that this was made exclusively for Banquet Records here in the UK, which is (coincidentally) the closest record store to my house. I mean, imagine that, the first time that Rev has made an exclusive colour for one individual shop*, and it just so happens to be the one in the world that I can get to easily. So obviously I had to buy one.

I actually got to the shop two weeks after it had been put on instagram and couldn't find the LP in the rack. I asked the dude at the counter and he told me that they may be sold out. I was surprised as selling 300 copies of one record in so little time seemed impossible, especially in the UK, but he told me the online sales had been pretty crazy. Well anyway, he went to check, and came back telling me that they had 5 copies left. Five! Well, I bought three of them and got the hell out of there. One for me, one for Geoff and one for whoever else I know who might want one. If that's you, hit me up.

PS Somehow the shop still seem to have this available to order. Not sure how many copies they may have left, but something doesn't quite add up as it was two weeks ago that I bought three of the last five. Hmmmmm.

* The red vinyl copy of this LP made for Hot Topic a few years back doesn't count as that's a chain.


Jeff said...

I'll take the last one, if you still have it :)

Mike said...

I love a good blog post title. Well done.