Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Casey's Weapon

I picked up another Murder Weapon 7", this time with a limited sleeve. I'm not sure what version this is though. I'm pretty sure it's not the record release version, so I'm guessing it may possibly be the final show version. Whatever. I'm not sure it matters really... although it would be nice to know.

This is one of those fold over paper sleeves that sits on top of the regular sleeve, popular with hardcore kids the world over.

I assume that this picture is the band, although I have no idea what any of them look like.

This just so happens to be the 'Casey Edition' and I got number 25/25. No idea who Casey is or was, but I bet he was stoked to have his own version of this record. I hope he still owns one.

As far as I'm aware there's one other version that I need of this 7", which is the one in the release show sleeve. I'm sure that one will pop up one day.


Anonymous said...

Ha I check your blog every day to look at the records you obtain and post, so it's funny to check this morning and see a picture of 2 guys I was in a band with around 2000/2001 in this picture (far right and far left) and my old roommate (center). Anyway, some of those dudes you likely/maybe listen to other bands they are in or were in, so if you are curious:

-far left was also in Dead Serious and Bracewar (and my old band the mighty Brass Knuckles)
-left second, singer for Bracewar
-left right next to center, vocalist for Down to Nothing, also in Terror
-far right was also in Dead Serious and Scarlet (and again the mighty Brass Knuckles)

mcs said...

Hey man, thanks for this. Interesting info. I've never actually heard most fo the bands you list here (except for DTN and Terror). But what I'm still not clear on is whether the dudes on the front are random VA scenesters, or whether these dudes were in Murder Weapon. I have no idea who was in this band at all.

Anonymous said...

Ah yeah, I should have mentioned, I believe that everyone pictured was in the band at some point, in some capacity. The guy in the middle is the singer, and I believe the whole right side of the record was the original line up, along with the guy at the far right who played drums, and the other guys on the left side are guys that replaced or played with them at other times. Dave from DTN, I can't remember if he was in the band, but he did vocals on one of the songs on the record, but he might have played bass too. The years make some things fuzzy, ha.