Sunday, 28 June 2015

Still Not Waiting Up

So Equal Vision went ahead and pressed up a second press of Bane's 'Don't Wait Up' LP from last year on two different colours of vinyl. The first press came on blue vinyl and yellow vinyl, and the second press comes on blue vinyl and yellow vinyl. The second time around, however, the vinyl is clear rather than solid.

Picking these up also reminded me that I never got around to picking up the black vinyl copy of the European pressing on End Hits Records. This one was, I believe, the third press, although it was not very well advertised and hasn't been seen too much, making me think that the numbers made must be lower than previous pressings, although that is of course just speculation.

These three add to my previous nine, meaning that I now have 12 copies of this record. And guess what. I just saw a picture of a green one yesterday on instagram!

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xhotandfatx said...

Here's a link for the green one.