Sunday, 7 June 2015

Marching On

It barely seems like a year ago that Violent Reaction appeared on the scene and started grabbing the world's attention. They still feel like a 'new' band to me. Yet it was almost three years ago that their debut 7" was released (and somewhere round a year previous that their demo came out). Anyhow, the point is that this 'new' band has now been about for the best part of four years, and throughout have been gaining more and more attention. What started out as a one man project has grown to one of the biggest hardcore bands in the world, and after an LP two years ago on Painkiller Records, we now have a second full length, this time on Revelation.

The first press had two colours of vinyl. Clear vinyl was out of 315 copies:

And gold vinyl was out of a whopping 1,243 copies:

It's great to see Revelation releasing more new music by new bands and, even better, to finally see them release a record by a UK band. I never thought I would actually see the day.


geoff said...

it looks like revhq is sold out of these already. (both colors) thats impressive if its actually the case.

mcs said...

That's partly why I said that these colours are the first press. Even though it doesn't exist yet, I feel pretty confident that there will be a second press in the near future. And then probably a third within a year.