Monday, 27 April 2015

I Am

Back at the end of 2008 I picked up a colour vinyl copy of the first Samiam 7" on Lookout! Records. Back then, I said that it had been on my want list for like 13 or 14 years. However, the colour that I picked up back then was technically not the colour that I was looking for. I had seen, and been searching for, a clear vinyl copy, but the copy I found in 2008 was on a kind of clear greenish yellow. Well, here we are just over 6 years later and I finally got aruond to finding a proper clear vinyl colour.

Of course, you know what happens next. New record is placed next to older record for a comparison shot to show the difference.

I used to listen to Samiam back in the 90s. I even saw them play a couple of times. But for some reason I never listened to anything after their major label debut 'Clumsy'. I think it was just one of those bands who seemed to have too many records, and I felt like I was tired of them. Kinda funny that they carried on making records and I have never heard any of them. Anyone still following this band and can give me a view on what their later stuff is like?

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Aaron Harbaugh said...

The stuff after Clumsy is alright and some of it is actually very good but it's a little hit and miss. You should check it out as I think you'd probably like it but at the same time, with as good as the first 4 albums are do you really need more? I loved them in the 90s and still do. I actually just picked up a copy of the more recent repress of the first album that's in my stack to post on Instagram.