Saturday, 18 October 2014

Stone Dagger

One of my top 3 favourite records from last year was the Magic Circle LP - Sabbath style doom from some Boston Straight Edge superstars. Well, earlier this year I heard that pretty much the same dudes had recorded more songs in a similar vein, this time going by the name Stone Dagger. A two song cassette came out last year, but the rumour was that it was being pressed on to vinyl. Seeing as I don't believe in tapes, I decided to wait for the vinyl version. As is always the case with these Boston bands, I missed out on the first press because I was too slow, but I grabbed a second press as soon as it appeared.

I love the minimal packaging on this one. Basic artwork and a bunch of text on the flipside. I also love the colour of the cover, although I can't seem to get it to look the same in the photos as it is in real life (it's a nice bright pink). It sounds kinda like Magic Circle, but sped up a bit. I don't know metal genres or bands at all, so can't really describe what (or who) it sounds like, but what I do know is that this is one of my favourite records of the year. If only there were more than two songs!

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Sean said...

Wouldn't say that I'm any kind of know-all about this style of music either, but where Magic Circle seems to worship at the altar of early 'Sabbath, this band claims strong influence from American power metal like Manilla Road etc. Either way, this EP is excellent.