Sunday, 12 October 2014

RSD 2014... Only 6 Months Later

Six months after Record Store Day happened, I'm finally posting the last of my haul. I only received these items three months after the day, but it's taken me an additional three months to get around to posting the last of my haul (the other stuff was included up in other posts).

The first thing I'm posting today is The Fix double 7" reissue. Clearly a lot of time and effort was put into this. It comes in a gatefold PVC wallet with a sticker wrapped around to seal it, which is numbered out of 1,000 copies.

I didn't mind slicing through the label so that I could open this thing up. As you can see, this features both of The Fix 7"s reproduced exactly as per the original pressings. The label is proud to boast that no text has been altered.

Firstly, the 'Vengeance / In This Town' 7". There were only 200 copies of this thing made originally, and it remains one of the most rare and expensive hardcore records there is. An original will set you back anywhere between $3,000 - $6,000 depending on condition. So a repress is the only way that a lot of people are ever going to own this, me included.

The second 7" is the 'Jan's Rooms' 7". There were 1,000 of the original copies of this, so it's easier to find than the first 7", but it's still a $300-$500 record. So again, a repress is quite welcome.

The original of this one came with one of two different inserts - a white one with typed lyrics, and a bigger, yellow one with spray painted centre. Rather than go for one or the other, the reissue gives you both, which I think is a pretty nice touch.

Overall this is one of the best reissue packages I have ever seen. I really like that they have recreated the originals so closely, but doubling the two records up into one pack was a real stroke of genius. I think it works really well. Clearly, everyone else must have thought the same as this thing sold out pretty much instantly and has sold for a fair price itself over the past few months.

Next up, another RSD reissue, although this one seemed like an odd choice to me - the Up Front 'Spirit' LP on red vinyl. Do people really care about Up Front in 2014? I mean, don't get me wrong, I've had a copy of this LP for years, but I just don't think that it's one of the classics that everyone has and loves like, say, Judge or Turning POint. Still, the artwork is rad and it IS a good LP, so I'll gladly take one. I just find it weird that someone picked this one to press 700 copies of in 2014 is all.

Picking this up reminds me that I never did get around to collecting all the different pressings of this one. All I have is a black vinyl first press. I used to have the blue and white vinyl copies but I traded both away at different points in the past. I really should try to pick them back up again.

The next one is another weird one, but for a different reason. This is a split 7" between Sunny Day Real Estate and Circa Survive. I only picked it up for the SDRE side, I've never heard Circa Survive to be honest and I am not really fussed about listening to their side of this record.

I was interested to hear this as it is a new SDRE song, but after hearing it I felt disappointed. I guess I shouldn't have let me expectations build. I mean, clearly it was never going to touch 'Diary' or the pink record. I've seen this on clear vinyl as well as this maroon colour, although I have no idea which is rarer or if there are other colours.

Finally, another reissue of a rare hardcore classic. This repress of The Dicks 'hate The Police' was given to me for spending $100 in a store on RSD... which I didn't do, but someone else did on my behalf.

Again, the original pressing of this record is a very expensive record if you can find one. You'd need at least $500 to bag one of these, so a repress is going to be more than good enough for a lot of people. Even more so if it's free. There were different colours pressed of this but again I'm not sure what the deal is. But if anyone wants this yellow one then I'd be down to trade or sell it.

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