Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Longest War

I was intrigued by a post on the Stuck In The Past blog a few months ago. It was a brief entry, but caught my attention none the less. It simply announced the arrival of a band called Longest War, Featuring Chris Logan (ex Chokehold) on vocals and ex-members of Despair, Union and Achilles laying down the crunch. I was sold.

I finally got around to picking up a copy of the 7". I was stoked to have grabbed the (most limited) pre-order version, which looks great:

It's not often you see a screen printed poly bag.

This pre-order version has a large hole and comes in a stamped dust sleeve which is numbered out of only 49 copies:

What does this sound like? Well, it kinda sounds like the bands that the previous members were in all rolled into one. If you like any of them, you will like this. It's very 90s, yet at the same time sounds modern and up to date.

Surprisingly, you can still buy this in the Press Gang Records Store. Go get 'em kids.

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