Friday, 24 October 2014

Cold World 'How The Gods Chill' LP

Here's another record that will undoubtedly feature in my 'best of the year' list - the new album by Cold World. This is slightly confusingly called 'How The Gods Chill'. The reason it's slightly confusing is because Cold World released a 12" EP about three years ago which was also called 'How The Gods Chill'. I mean, why would any band recycle the name of a record when the two records didn't even have any songs in common? Anyway, aside from that small gitch, this is a damn solid record.

Judging from the pictures on the sleeve, it seems that how the gods chill is by walking their dogs on the train tracks and sitting in puddles:

... and by putting water pistols in their mouths:

There are four colours of this thing out there, and I managed to bag three of them - blue, clear and white:

The pressing info on this thing is pretty crazy. 300 on opaque blue, 720 on clear and a whopping 3136 copies on white vinyl. Also, not pictured (because I don't have one) is a clear blue of which there are 328 copies. So in total across the four colours, there are 4484 copies of this LP. Now I don't know about you, but these seem like pretty high numbers to me, and really shows the popularity of vinyl in the current day. Pretty cool huh?


Willem RWHAF said...

You should see the pressing info of Defeater "Letters Home" from Bridge 9. Those numbers are even higher for a single pressing...

mcs said...

Just checked it. The first press was 1500 copies, but it then had 6 pressings total. So it's not quite the same. I think it's surprising to see such high pressing numbers made for a first press.

Willem RWHAF said...

No man, you're wrong, here's the link to the discography of the record:

Willem RWHAF said...

Defeater "letters home" (from the B9 discography page):

First press:

Clear w/ Black and White Splatter/700
White,Tan,Brown Tri-Color/300

Second press:

Translucent Blue/2000

Third press:

White w/ Red Haze/1000

That's 5000 copies in first press and 8000 in total!!

mcs said...

Ah, yes, sorry! I got the wrong Defeater record! Anyway, yes, that is a shitload of records for a first press... but interesting that they still had to press more!!!

Willem RWHAF said...

True fact mcs, considering that the record is only one year old... That's a huge load indeed.

23rotations said...

Deathwish do some crazy high 1st pressings nowadays. Touche Amore was around 14,000. Code orange was 7500 ish. Even the new Punch record verged on the 5000 mark. Probably sensible in the end to make a large 1st press and have them stick around a little while longer I guess?