Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Angel Dust 'A.D.'

Angel Dust's 'A.D.' LP is definitely a strong contender for the record of the year in my book. I wrote a comment on Mike's blog a couple of months ago about this record. In case you don't read it, here's what I wrote:

Bought everything React! put out, up to a point. Lost interest. Completely stopped buying React! releases. Decided to check out the batch of releases that came out a year or so ago. WarXGames, Caught In A Crowd and Angel Du$t. Liked CIAC, wasn't keen on WarXGames, and thought Angel Du$t was one of the worst things I had ever heard. Nearly a month ago I saw Judge play. At the end of the night I was given a flyer for a show the following week, being Turnstile & Angel Du$t. Decided to download the Angel Du$t new LP to check out before the show. Got addicted to the Angel Du$t LP and couldn't stop playing it. Played it like 4 times a day before the show, to the point where I probably knew the songs better than anyone else at the show. Wanted to go down the front and sing along, but felt too old so stood back. Still can't stop playing the album. Know all the words. Got a clear one coming, badly want a white one, would give my left arm for a pink.

Well, fortunately for me I didn't have to give my left arm for a pink one. Instead, I had to give three records to Willem in trade for a spare copy that he had. Man, I love pink vinyl, and it seems especially fitting here with the pink cover of this album. There were 200 copies on pink, making this the rarest colour pressing of this record.

There were also 400 White vinyl copies, available to order from React! Records. I actually missed the white one when it was up for sale as I thought at that point I didn't actually like Angel Dust, so I had to buy this one on discogs.

Clear vinyl was the Reaper Records exclusive colour. There were also 400 copies of this one. It seems that the Reaper copies didn't see as fast as the React! copies as I was able to buy this one direct from the label.

One of my copies (I think it was the one from Reaper) came with this promo shot of the band. I haven't actually seen 'Iron Man 3' but this makes me want to watch it.

So here are all three copies together. The observant among you may notice the severe absence of a test press and release show copy. One day... maybe.


Mike said...

Great post. I've come to appreciate this Angel Du$t LP more, and would love a pink copy as well. I don't know if I'd give an arm for it though...maybe something smaller, like a finger.

chris said...

Glad you were able to get one!

Nico said...

Lets not forget a black copy.

mcs said...

I'm not sure that Wesley Snipes would agree, but black doesn't count.

Mike said...

Has your opinion changed on the first Angel Du$t 7 inch?

Willem RWHAF said...

I've got the same promo photo from Reaper Records, I'm also pretty sure it's one of their gimmicks and hand writings.

You beat me first in posting about the pink version!

mcs said...

Yeah, I like it now, but I still think that the LP is on a different level.

Handsome Pete said...

Agreed that the LP is better, but I'm glad you came around on the 7". I can't get enough of Angel Du$t.