Sunday, 20 April 2014

RSD 2014

After last year's bad experience, I decided I wasn't going to do Record Store Day again. So yesterday I stayed at home. I spent the day doing other things... although the longer the day went on, the more I wanted to go to the record store, as I saw lots and lots of RSD related photos on instagram which all conspired to make me feel left out.

Well anyway, there was one record I wanted more than any other, and that was the Cave In 'Jupiter' LP reissue. I had a friend in the States looking for me, but he didn't find one. I saw a lot of photos of black vinyl copies, but when I saw some dude post a color one up on instagram that was bought in London, I realised that not only did colour copies exist, but that some had made it to the UK. So this morning I called up Banquet Records in Kingston, which is about as local a shop as there is for me, and the dude on the phone told me that they had one copy left. Even better, it was a coloured copy. So I jumped in the car and drove straight there. Luckily it was still sat on the shelf, and wasn't even that bad a price. Sold!

The main reason I was so interested in this repress was that it was packaged with an extra 12" of previously unreleased songs, entitled 'Anomalies Vol. 3', which is on orange vinyl and comes packaged in a plain white DJ style sleeve.

So of course whilst I was there I had a quick look around to see what else was available. To be honest, most of it was crap and overpriced. But I did decide to pick up the Husker Du 'Candy Apple Grey' LP on colour vinyl. This has never been pressed on colour before, and whilst I knew it was being put on to grey vinyl, but had no idea it was also being pressed on 'lilac blue' (which most people know as 'purple').

The funny thing was that I also spent time deliberating whether or not to buy the One Direction 7" picture disc. Not because I like One Direction, but because I wondered if I could flip it and make some decent money. The store had three copies left, but it was £9 a go, which seemed a lot... but it looked as if they were selling on eBay for anywhere between £25-50. In the end I decided against it. Partly because it would seem wrong to use RSD to flip crap and make money, but more because of the feeling of shame of buying a One Direction record.


LifeTourist said...

I turned up to Banquet at about half 12 and was on the look out for that! You must have just beaten me! I ended up buying a record for my mate and that was it. Too expensive for my liking - Not a fan of them anyway but the Green Day cassette was £17!

J@screamingforrecords said...

Hahha I have visions of you looking around nervously near the One Direction records. The staff in Banquet wondering if the shifty looking dude was going to steal something. Little did they know... Haha

Anonymous said...

Hey Marcus, it's Miles at All Ages Records in Camden - We have tons of RSD stuff left including 10 copies of the Cave In LP on coloured vinyl, and all the Revelation stuff, Up Front LP's, the lot! email me if you need anything else RSD related

Nico said...

So Husker Du was a lilac pressing in the UK and grey in the USA?

mcs said...

LifeTourist - I probably beat you by about 45 minutes. Sorry! But it sounds like you could still get one from All Ages Records in Camden if you want one!

Nico - yes, it seems that the Husker Du was on lilac in the UK and grey in the States.

Across Your Face said...

It was hard for me to not go out and see the RSD craziness this year, luckily I got everything I wanted online.